Học tiếng Anh qua bài nghe cấp độ 6 #092 – Giving Directions

Article #92 Giving Directions

George: Now let’s see…Vine Street is that way…

Diana: Yes, just turn left at this corner.

George: To Bridge Street?

Diana: Is that street Bridge Street?

George: Yes. There is a sign. Can you see that?

Diana: Oh, you’re right. Well, I have to go to Jay Street.

George: I think the next one is Jay Street.

Diana: Oh, right. Let’s turn left at the next corner.

(at next corner)

George: Diana! This street is College Street, not Jay Street.

Diana: Oh…uh, Go straight ahead one more block!

George: Are you sure? It’s already 4:20!

Diana: I should have taken a cab!

George: That’s gratitude for you!

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